Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Evin's 3rd Birthday Construction Party!

Evin's 3!!!

Thanks again to NLS Graphics for the invites!

(My planning sheets and shopping lists)

We made the signs out of light weight particle board and acrylic paint.  

Thanks to the awesome instructions and recipes over at Nestling and of course my good friend Christine (aka Martha Stewart).  The cake was AWESOME!

Our food spread was a lot of fun!  
 Concrete mix: Monster Cookie Dough Dip and pretzels for dipping
Mud: Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Batter Dip  and apples for dipping
Wrecking Balls: clementines
Spare Tires: Chocolate donuts
Sandwiches and Fruit Salad 

We got some great mini CAT equipment and rocks from target for the big kids to play with.  

Our goodie bags had a variety of fun goodies from bath toys, to tattoos.  Thanks again to NLS Graphics for making them look great!

We had a building station with styrofoam, nails and various tools.  

We also have sand boxes with digging equipment and trucks the boys had fun racing!

Oh yeah the cake was construction all the way through!

We had a great time putting construction cones up everywhere.  

Present time got a little chaotic.  Evin was fine with everyone opening his gifts for him!

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

You're out of this world Valentine!

We wanted to share one of our favorite activities with Evin's valentines so we decided to share our antacid tablet rockets!  

1) We started by mixing some cornstarch and food coloring.  Stir well but don't be worried if your food coloring doesn't change the color!

2) Then I cut some plastic wrap and put a 1/2 a spoonful of colored cornstarch in each packet and tied it up with a ribbon.  

3) Then I crushed up the antacid tablets and put about 9 in each baggy.  

4) Each film canister got three baggies of cornstarch (rocket fuel) and 9 tablet pieces.  This is enough for 3 explosions!

5) Thanks to NLS Graphics I got this awesome pdf that you can download here!  
Nicole is my sister and a freelance graphic artist and screen printer just in case you need inspiration/assistance.  

Happy Valentine's DAY!