Thursday, February 5, 2015

Summer Fun Calendar continues with a new Brother

Evin has been literally the best big brother ever!  And my maternity leave was awesome! 
Here's how it all went!

Doctor visits!


Bike ride in afternoon thunderstorm!

Another full cotton ball jar!  So we made a ninja turtle cake at Evin's request!

Lots of visitors!

Briggs is safe with Thor around!

Sock bubbles!
Cut the end off of a bottle and tape a sock on to the end....dip in bubble stuff and voila!

We literally LIVED outside for weeks!

Had a nice hike!

And of course pool noodle sword fights!


Having a zookeeper as a mom is always an adventure but for the last 5 months its been an adventure that smells like popcorn!

Meet the baby binturong.  She's the latest addition to the Aquarium's animal collection.  She'll be an animal ambassador for her species and she's busy blowing people's minds everyday! 

These critters are from southeast Asia's rainforests.  They are in the carnivore order and in a family with civets, genets, and linsangs (that's right, no one else has heard of them either!)

They grow to be 40-60 lbs just like mom and dad!

They are omnivores that LOVE fruit and have semi-prehensile tails. 

Everyone was very excited to meet her!

Evin and Briggs had to help make her food, a pureed mix of fruit and dog food!  YUM!

Because she was such a tiny baby we had to teach her how to climb,

be comfortable around children,

how to play,

and take baths!
The learning continues as she spends more and more time at the Aquarium which is her permanent home.  And as adorable as she is, I CAN NOT wait for her not to be at my house any more!