Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pumpkin Carving Night

Family Pumpkin Carving Night!  

We enjoyed some yummy mummy pizzas!  

Well most of us!

We finished off dinner with this AWESOME candy apple bar!

It was the BEST!

Then the carving started!


Karl decided to bring out the "man" tools.  

Evin wouldn't help.....he was running around on a candy apple sugar high!  

Of course we carved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Trick or Treat!  We had a great time trick or treating and Evin was a real trooper!  

After we got all the candy we could, we headed home to enjoy our loot.  

We had a nice fire and we're ready for the rest of fall!  

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Month Week 4

Week 4 

Halloween Movement Cards: These were a lot of fun!  We floated like a ghost, flew like a bat, smiled like a jack-o-lantern... and more!  

You find the cards and a whole AWESOME packet over at oopsey daisy!  

Glowing eye hunt: 

We cut eye shapes out of our toilet paper tubes.  Then we had some glow bracelets from the dollar store.  While Evin was in the bath I hid the tubes around the house and shut off most of the lights.  Once he was all dressed I let him loose!  He wanted to hide and find them over and over and over again.  

After that we put on a light show with the bracelets!  

Halloween Orange Box from Graham Cracker: There was MORE glow stuff, a monster sticker book, lots of orange snacks and food, orange cereal, and more.  

Witch hat ring toss: 

Dad took care of making these and he used pipe cleaners to make the rings.  Evin didn't understand the "tossing" part but that meant he WON every time!  

Mummy meatloaf: Yummy meatloaf and fun to make.  Evin helped so he was excited to eat it too!  Check out the full recipe and instructions here.  

Bat Pinatas: 

These were a ton of fun too and we ended up putting them in our trick or treaters bowl!  

Ghost Bowling:   We took down our ghost bottles from Week 1 and used one of our small pumpkins we picked out to bowl......or just smash them really!

Fun in fall leaves:  We don't have a big tree in our yard (whew) but the park had a great start on a pile and no cleanup!  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Evin's Heatwave Costume

One night at dinner we asked Evin what he wanted to be for Halloween.....after we all thought that we was saying something terrible that I can't even type, we finally figured out he wanted to be Heatwave from Rescuebots (a transformer spin off).  

The challenge began.  My mom had always made our costumes growing up....I felt it was only right to continue the legacy.  

I started with a red and black zip up Reebok jacket.  

Then I added wheels from a goodwill toy.  

Using battery operated Christmas lights I was able to figure out how to make his gloves light up.  

Problem was....he HATED it!  There had been too much trying on and taking off during the process, I bought hockey shoulder pads that he hated and the gloves made his crazy.  

So when the day came to go to Arvada's Trick or Treat Street we started slow and subtle.  I put on the pants and a red long sleeve.  He wanted to go outside and play so we put on his jacket and acted like it was a normal sweatshirt and then I put on his boots for him.  

When we got outside we saw the neighbor Tru (4yrs old) who I used to convince Evin to try on the gloves and the hat.  Once we arrive at Trick or Treat street he let us use sticky velcro to attach the cardboard ladder dad made.  

And we were off!

We met up with Tru and filled our buckets

More photos to come after Halloween Trick or Treating!