Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Briggs is 1!

 When we were pregnant with Briggs we ran our list of names by Evin.  He got really excited about one of them: Rayson.  Eventually we realized it was because he wanted to name his baby brother Race Car..... Race Car stuck all the way until he was a year old.  So of course his party had a race car theme.  

Photo booths are all the rage, here was our twist. 

 Karl made an awesome hot wheels track.  

We ordered these blow up tires on amazon for less than $30 and got 12 of them!

The food spread!

The cake!

Briggs even had his own cake.   The monkey candle has made an appearance on Lisa, Karl, and Evin's cakes.  

Homemade playdough for the favor win!

Add friends and you get a TON of fun!

Cake face!  

Can't wait to see what life holds for this speedy kid!

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