Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Month Week 4

Week 4 

Halloween Movement Cards: These were a lot of fun!  We floated like a ghost, flew like a bat, smiled like a jack-o-lantern... and more!  

You find the cards and a whole AWESOME packet over at oopsey daisy!  

Glowing eye hunt: 

We cut eye shapes out of our toilet paper tubes.  Then we had some glow bracelets from the dollar store.  While Evin was in the bath I hid the tubes around the house and shut off most of the lights.  Once he was all dressed I let him loose!  He wanted to hide and find them over and over and over again.  

After that we put on a light show with the bracelets!  

Halloween Orange Box from Graham Cracker: There was MORE glow stuff, a monster sticker book, lots of orange snacks and food, orange cereal, and more.  

Witch hat ring toss: 

Dad took care of making these and he used pipe cleaners to make the rings.  Evin didn't understand the "tossing" part but that meant he WON every time!  

Mummy meatloaf: Yummy meatloaf and fun to make.  Evin helped so he was excited to eat it too!  Check out the full recipe and instructions here.  

Bat Pinatas: 

These were a ton of fun too and we ended up putting them in our trick or treaters bowl!  

Ghost Bowling:   We took down our ghost bottles from Week 1 and used one of our small pumpkins we picked out to bowl......or just smash them really!

Fun in fall leaves:  We don't have a big tree in our yard (whew) but the park had a great start on a pile and no cleanup!  

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