Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Month: Week 1

It all started with a pin board....and became a MONTH of awesomeness!

I used post-it notes to organize the activities of the month, everything from pre-school, play dates, volunteering activities, to Evin activities!  

Then I posted the supplies for each activity in sheet protectors around the calendar.  

And printed out a booklet full of activities with pictures to describe each.  

Our first activity was more fall than Halloween.  We made a paper towel tube tree and some tissue paper leaves.  

Then put the leaves on top of the tree.....

And blew!

The idea was to count and color sort the leaves but soon the tree turned in to a ninja staff.  

Thanks to Growing a Jeweled Rose we made these super fun exploding ghosts and pumpkins!

I decorated out plastic bags.  

Then added vinegar to the bags and added orange to the pumpkin bags.  

Then we made our baking soda bombs.  

Just a spoonful of vinegar wrapped up in toilet paper.  

Then we headed outside with a pile of bombs and a bucket full of baggies.  

I let Evin drop in the bombs and then quickly sealed up the bags.  

As the pressure built up inside the bags our ghosts grew and our pumpkins got bigger!  

Then pop!

Being all boy Evin had the most fun throwing and stomping the bags.  

In preparation to the month I also found a leaf template that when I printed it, it fit perfect on a coffee filter.  So one evening while Evin was taking a bath I carefully cut out coffee filter leaves.  

Evin colored the leaves with some markers.  

Then sprayed the leaves with a water bottle.

Then we had some pretty fall leaves! 

We also had a very fun pool day!

And our first DAY of preschool!

We started decorating the house, first was Evin's bedroom door with some Mummy fun!

Sunday night we played with some awesome Monster Guts!

To make them we boiled regular old spaghetti noodles with food coloring.  

Then added some $1 bin trinkets from Target.  

We strained the noodles and then headed to the dining room table.  

This activity lasted for a whole hour!  

Then we took the eyeballs we found and sent them down our pool noodle race track for another 45 minutes!

Yesterday Evin and Auntie added to the decorated by making these easy ghosts.  

Auntie added the paint and Evin did the banging and shaking to coat the insides with paint!  

Then last night we got the guts box back out and played in the black light with it!  

Week one complete!  

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