Thursday, January 3, 2013

Feel Better Fort

We're all suffering here at the house.  Evin had a nasty respiratory cold, which he so kindly gave to Karl and I as well.  Mine came with more than just a cold but I'll spare you the details (I know you're surprised right!).

I don't really believe much in medicine, though I'm not totally against it either but I'm a firm believer that your body has reactions that are necessary to get rid of the bug and when you treat those symptoms you might prolong the yuck.   So with that being said, I still pop sudafed when I need to go to work, and I'll take nyquill when I need to sleep.

We found some great homeopathic fever, cold, expectorant medicine for Evin at Walgreens that really seemed to help, but his sound sleep was due to his Feel Better Fort.

Check out All for the Boys and her awesome celebration EVERY friday of FORT Friday, for some forts you can build when you feel better!

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