Friday, August 2, 2013

Backyard Camping FUN!

Backyard Camping fun!  Tin foil dinners and more!

We got our fire started, then headed inside to prepare the tin-foil dinner.  

Frozen chicken, italian dressing, potatoes, and mini carrots.
(next time I'll add some butter and water and wrap a little tighter to keep all the juices in!)

Wrap it up and set to the side.  

Then I prepared all the ingredients for our waffle cones deliciousness.  

Bananas, chocolate chips, strawberries, and marshmallows!

Wrap them up and set them to the side. 

Then I hollowed out some oranges and filled with cake mix.  USE brownie mix!!!!

Put the tops on and wrap in foil!

Then we headed outside and put the chicken packets on the fire, near the flames but in the coals.  

Then we set up the tent and did some Gram Cracker monster wrestling!

After 45 minutes I added the oranges and after an hour I took the chicken off the fire...we didn't have tongs so I was using two stakes like clunky chopsticks.....awkward.  

I forgot to take pics of the chicken because it was delicious.  

Here is the pinterest fail.  The cake leaked out and made quite a mess.  What was left in the oranges was yummy but would have been much more yummy if we had icing!

The waffle cones were the biggest success!  YUM!

We did stories in our tent and slept out there with the dogs!  Evin woke up at 4:30 in the morning wanting to read more stories and eat cereal.  I let him read some stories and told him he would have to go back to sleep and eat cereal when the sun woke up. 

He fell back asleep eventually and then popped up at 7:30 and yelled "SUN WOKE UP!  CEREAL TIME!"

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