Thursday, August 22, 2013

New favorite learning app!

It's inevitable that Evin is going to know his way around all the current technology.  

However Nicole and I are still surprised by how well he knows his letters thanks to the endless alphabet app Nicole downloaded a while back.  

We're still working on numbers we count 1, 2, 3, 1, 7, 13!!!!
So this new app we discovered was very exciting!  

Zorbit's Math Adventure really is an adventure, full of laughs and concentration!  

You start off meeting Zorbit an adorable little alien, and a heavy sleeper!  He needs your help getting to planet earth!  

The first task is to wake the sleeping Zorbit by tapping, dragging, and counting all sorts of items in his room!  

Other levels address topics such as less and more, inside and outside, number identification, counting and more.  

Another favorite part is that in addition to collecting stars that will power Zorbit's space ship to planet Earth, you collect stickers that you can place in your own version of each level!  

Evin, however, has a favorite level......and we play it OVER and OVER and OVER.  

Meet Oswald....he's an adorable creature with a ravenous appetite and Evin's favorite thing!
(I hope they come out with a Oswald stuffed animal soon).  

As you feed him he burps, farts, and even poops! PERFECT for the little boy in our house!  

Check it out! I can guarantee I'll be gifting it to quite a few parents in the VERY near future.  

$3.99 for at least 5 hours of fun so far and we're no where near done playing all the levels repeatedly!

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