Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What we've been working on!

I have been pouring all my creative juices in to two places lately: 

1) work....yikes...we're three people short and there's still just as much poop to clean up

2) SUPER Week in a box

As I was posting all these themed weeks we were doing with Evin, I discovered a lot of moms that wished they could do the same thing but didn't feel like they had the time or energy.  In comes super week in a box, we're going to package all the activities in one package and hopefully everything you need.  It's more than crafts....it's activities, a plan, a focus.  It's learning, quality time, fun.

It's super powers in a box!

I sent out 6 tester kits to moms and caregivers and asked for feedback.  Amy and her sons (4 and 5) were the first to get back and it looks like a success!  

By the end of September we hope to have two super space week boxes available for purchase.  One focused on stars and rockets and the other all about planets!

Star sticker constellations

Shooting Stars

Playdough Space Creatures

"I think Brody made space creatures every day that week."- Amy Latta

Clothespin planets

"The first time Ty played with this one, I had him put the planets in order by using our space book as a guide. The second time he decided to put them in order by himself without a guide…And he did it!   He’s five…’might be a little proud of that kid."-Amy Latta

Constellation cards

Stay tuned for the final product and for more tester reviews!

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  1. This is so awesome! I can't wait until I can spend my time napping while my kids are napping, just do to this fun stuff when we're all awake. Thanks for taking all the hard work out of it for me! ;)