Sunday, December 28, 2014

Johan....that silly little elf!


Elf on the Shelf

We use elf on the shelf a little differently than most.  Instead of Johan being that big bad mischievous elf who is always walking around keeping an eye on Evin reporting back on all the bad things Evin does; Johan is a silly little elf that likes to tell Santa AND Evin when he's doing a good job! 
Sometimes our elf is really creative and does super awesome things and sometimes he just shows up sitting on a shelf hanging out.  Evin doesn't care, he thinks he's the coolest thing in the world! 

Filling his cotton ball jar!

Johan showed up with some cookie making supplies! YUM!

Johan's arrival!  He was ready to decorate!

Johan's last day....Evin was wearing the socks the day after Christmas.

Auntie Alysha bought Evin some awesome turtle gear!

Evin had a pool date, Johan wished he could go!

Every year my sister makes Johan a cute little photo album of the previous years fiascos. 

Johan's annual trip to the Aquarium, he got caught fishing in one of our tanks. 

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