Saturday, April 25, 2015

Earth DAY!!!

Earth day seed bombs!

Step 1: tear up blue and green paper in to 1in' squares
Step 2: put paper and a little bit of water in to the blender or food processer....turn on and blend in to pulp.  
Step 3: squeeze as much water as you can out of the paper 
Step 4: mix paper and seeds together
Step 5: form in to balls and let dry overnight (this is when you can send them to friends or give them as gifts!)
Step 6: when you're ready to grow them place them in a plastic bag and add just enough water to make the ball moist. 
Step 7: tape the bag in the window but don't seal it all the wait
Step 8: wait for seeds to grow!
step 9: transplant to your garden!

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