Saturday, April 25, 2015

The end of summer fun!

End of summer fun, published at the beginning of summer.  :) 

I signed up to watch Evin's friend Jordan for a few days while I was out on maternity leave.  We had a blast!  We went to storytime at the aquarium and learning about birds!

We went on a letter scavenger hunt in the backyard. 

Played construction site for hours
Rode our bikes to the splash pad for a picnic!

Went picking raspberries. 

Had a picnic by the lake with our pickin's

Had a pool birthday party!
Then Evin participated in his first Strider Bike race and got 4th place!  He even lost his show in one race and still finished. 
He was sweet enough to give his medal to his little brother. 

We found every toy in the garage and put it in the yard. 
Evin got a fauxhawk....and became a 15 year old boy.

Karl and Evin stocked up on fishing supplies.
We ate waffles....and built a waffle house. 
Evin built briggs a play gym from PVC. 

We learned all about the letter E and what starts with E. 

Evin caught his first fish!
Hockey practice started.
We took frequent trips to the park. 
We played more E activities. 
We read books.

Played more hockey. 

Got more books. 
Had our first day of school. 
Played with our space bin and had a blast!

Auntie made an awesome turtle backpack!
We found the coolest park! Discovery Park in Arvada. 

Started work on the kitchen!
Had a sleepover with our bestie and played at the newly remodled ladybug park. 
Went to classes at the nature center and turned Briggs in to a bunny. 

Prepared for Halloween. 

Played with PVC water fun in the yard with Cody. 

Had a construction equipment wash party. 

Threw major fits at hockey because mom wouldn't let him quit. 
Kept working on the kitchen with dad. 

Raised a baby binturong. 
Got buddah bellies

Played dinosaurs. 
Made cookies for the dogs birthday. 

Ox and Mudflap turned 5 and 6.
Made lego contraptions. 

And then summer was over and it was fall. 

We made an awesome cake gram cracker. 

Best summer ever.....

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