Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower

Alice and Wonderland!  

Activity #1: Write a message and take a picture for baby James!

Activity #2: Take pictures of mom and dad and cut them in to strips (forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, chin) Let guests arrange them to predict the beauty of the little baby!

Activity #3: Tea party hats.  $1 store headbands, paper cups, ribbon, flowers, feathers, bows, and jewels.   Decorate away!

Alice needs her playing cards, flowers, and rabbits!  Check out your local thrift shop for tea sets.  

Activity #4 Guess that baby's name! 

Activity #5 Baby shower BINGO...What will be in those presents? 

Activity #6 onesie decorating....something tells me Baby J never wore some of those outfits.  

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