Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Halloween 2015

"Mom….I want to be indominus rex and I want my mouth to open and close…."


Work begins on the head.  

Cardboard frame.  

That's enough for phase 1!

Candy apple bar at the pumpkin patch!  

Don't forget to get your festive nails on!  

First layer of paper macho goes on the indominus head.  Then two pieces of duct tape taped together and cut in to the shape of teeth.  

Then we painted the head white and sewed on spikes to a sweat hood and tail.  

Then it was time to make a triceratops side kick.  

Finished project after some gloves with claws and sponge painting with texture. 

Poor triceratops is worn out from being eaten! 

We had a whole dinosaur herd!  Just some spikes on some hoodies and some tails complete the herd!  

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