Thursday, December 13, 2012

Poppin' the Blog cherry

A few weeks ago I announced to my husband, Karl, and sister, Nicole, that I wanted to start a blog.  There was eruption of laughter, giggles, and me looking incredulous!

"Why is that so funny?"  I asked the too of them....picture this: head cocked, hands on hips, the whole nine yards of irritated.  

"What would it be about?" Karl stifles his snorts and asks.

"I want people to know you can work 50 hours a week and still be creative and fun with your kids." 

"Yeah, well why don't you just blog about it." Nicole snorts, and the giggling erupts again.  

"Fine, I'm not talking to you two about it!"  and that's where we left it, until I was reading Our Best Bites and their recipe for a single serving pie in the jar.......

"Or if you’re really in a pinch, even a store bought crust will do."

What the hell? My whole life is a god damn pinch. You two "girls who love to cook!" who are "also both wives and mothers balancing home management, part-time work, church and community involvement, and a myriad of other things" obviously don't know a damn thing about a pinch.  

A pinch is working 40 hours/week scooping poop and presenting animals to the public with a hour long commute (both ways) and working a night job on top of that, while having a 4 month old baby at home.  

A pinch downsizing to house that is half the size of your previous with two great danes, a toddler, three cats, and a husband, then shoving your sister and her two cats in to the basement for good measure.  

A pinch is your car heater not working while its snowing and 10 degrees outside.  

A pinch is your sister is graduating the next day and only half of her portfolio is finished and you are in the design dungeon with her, stringing beads on flash drives, paper cutting foam resumes, all while bottle feeding a baby porcupine in the corner.  

A pinch is driving 12 hours to Vegas to pick up a python and driving home one day later all the while with a 20 month old and a puking co-pilot.  

A pinch is coming home after a 10 hour day (P.S. I work 5 10's not 4 10's) and checking the bank account only to find out there's only $43 in there and surprise it's Christmas time!  Then wondering what the hell are you are going to give everyone for Christmas? 

A pinch is sleeping in a double bed with two great danes.  It's like tetris and no matter what you're always between a dog and a hard place.  

That's a pinch and in that pinch is where I shine.  

So I hit Pinterest.....this site saved my life by the way, and I started looking for that perfect Christmas gift and I found a few!   I'll share them all promise and I'll tell you how to do them in a real pinch!  

So no offense to the girls over at Our Best Bites.  I realize a pinch is relative.  I love them just the same and my version of their pies are just as damn delicious too!  I'll share that with you next time!

A that's how you pop your blog cherry.....I'm going to go have a cigarette.  


  1. LynnLee, what a great blog! Keep it up!

  2. Oh My Gosh.. This is going to be fun!!! You are at your best.