Wednesday, March 13, 2013

E Week

Since Thursday was spent tiling and working in the backyard, we got a bit of late start on eye week.

On Friday we played with eyeballs! 

We sorted them.

Threw them all over the living room.

Glued them on to the letter E..... and later peeled them all off too.  

We also added eyeballs to some emotion faces. 

It was eyeballs EVERYWHERE!  And might be for weeks!

We even took an eye ball bath, which was pretty fun since then stuck to his arms and belly and legs! 

We scooped them up in to cups, poured them out, it was a good hour of fun!

On Saturday I worked late but we got a great picture from Great Grandma Peg Leg!  She makes a great pirate!  I only hope to be as cool as her when I'm recovering from a knee replacement!

Sunday night and Tuesday night we had a glow in the dark egg hunt!

Since his pirate stuff is still scattered all throughout the house, we hid eggs in the treasure chest.  

He gathered them up and put them in a basket!  This is like his all time favorite activity aside from the safari hunt.  

I found these awesome lights at Michaels....or maybe Hobby Lobby in the floral section, you twist them tight to turn them on a un twist them to turn them off, we've used them for almost a year now!

Tuesday we worked on this shapes elephant....He was very excited when he completed it!  

We also used koolaid to paint hard boiled was a lot of fun until we dumped the blue on to the carpet......its still blue and probably will be until we replace the carpet.

The koolaid sort of wiped right off the egg so aunt Nicole made some E's on our eggs!

And that's it.....see E week distractions for why this week was so weak.  :)

Here's the links to all my grand plans I didn't complete!  

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