Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pirate Week

Pirate Week!!!  Arrr!

Sunday: We started this week off playing with some awesome printables!  

It had a great color sorting activity and a fun pirate popsicle puppet song.  


Karl built Evin his first piece of pirate gear....his plank!  He walked the plank twice and then spent lots of time jumping off the edge!  

Then began construction on the pirate ship!  Thank heavens for all the moving boxes!

Installation of a ship wheel and a mast and our ship was complete!


I found some great pirate coins at the dollar store and some fancy gems!  
Nicole helped me with the creation of some magical rocks!  (They aren't incredibly magic since they are SUPER easy).  This is another awesome item from Growing a Jeweled Rose!   We poured a couple boxes of baking soda in to different bowls and slowly added water, food coloring, and glitter.  

It took a while to get to the right consistency to form in to balls.  

But we got there, then we put the treasures and doubloons inside the rocks and laid them out to dry!  

We're not incredibly patient and deciding that it would be really cool if when we got around to using the magic rocks they were in a treasure chest so after we made the rocks, we made a treasure chest!

I'm not going to lie, Nicole and I were pretty pleased with ourselves at this point.

Evin was BEYOND stoked when he woke up from his nap!

He started using the printables to sort his new found treasures! 

Wednesday, after storytime Nicole and Evin made a stop at Disguises and AWESOME costume shop in Lakewood, CO.  Who would have thought he would LOVE wearing an eye patch so much!  I have to quote Nicole, because this was one of her favorite weeks.  

She said, "Well, I'm pretty passionate about pirates."  

 I even had to dress up and sword fight with him.  Nicole was very strict with the swords, he was only allowed to sword fight with someone who had a sword....a.k.a. no hitting the dogs, cats, or unarmed scally wags! 

He really loved sword fighting on the plank, though you were guaranteed to win when he jumped off the plank!

Then is was time for magical rocks! 

First we tried using an eye dropper to drop vinegar on to the rocks.....this took WAY to long and there wasn't enough pay off so then we started dropping the rocks in to the vinegar.  

Way cooler.  

The treasure started floating to the top and Evin was really happy to grab them up! 

Awesome activity!  

We played with the pirate ship a lot, inside, outside, sea monsters, hide in the ship, scope the seas.....the list goes on!

Auntie Nicole found a cool little pirate ship kit and the Evinrude ship was born!

He loved putting me in the ship with my eye patch and sword and telling me "shh, shh" while we waited for sea monsters to scare us!

Found some cool cards at work with pirate stickers, we're still not all done decorating these but we will send them out soon!

Monday: Bri came over to drink some Rum and play in the ship too!  

Tuesday: Jordan came to play too and sea monster Karla was probably the scariest of all!

We also made some fun black glitter rum playdough, but I didn't do a really great job of making it so it didn't turn out quite like it was supposed too!  

 We wrapped up the week with a very fun story time at the Aquarium where we got to meet MERMAIDS!

We didn't have time but there is an AWESOME kiwi crate themed around pirates!  I think we'll order it soon and have a mini pirate week!

The other fun thing we did was send a box full of pirate gear to our Great Grandma Myrna who just had knee surgery.  We figured she really needed the pirate gear since she was already a peg leg!  She had promised a picture, I'll add it as soon as I get it!

Here's the links to make your own: 

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