Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Month: Week 2

Halloween Month
Week 2

Itsy Bitsy Spider Game: 

We stole this great idea to act out the itsy bitsy spider story.  

Every time someone sings a song or dances, Evin covers his ears and whines about it....I thought maybe this way would be a great way to make singing nursery rhymes fun.  

And while he let me sing and was willing to act out the story with me....

He had way more fun knocking the spiders to timbucktu with the rain.  

Staffing the Nature Center: 
I've been volunteering at our local nature center and they asked me to help them out for a couple hours. Evin came with me and did a great job playing greeter and helping all the young patrons find the coolest parts of the kids nook.  

Eyeball Slime: 

We took our trusty slime recipe and some Target eyeballs and turned it in to a fun activity that lasted for days and days!

This was an activity that dad was in charge of so of course they ended up outside and sharing with the neighbors!

Festival of Scarecrows: 

Our city puts on all types of fun festivals and the festival of scarecrows was a chance for Evin to hang with his friend Jordan, check out all sorts of scarecrows, giant pumpkins, and more!

Jell-O Excavation: 

After about four days of making Jell-O and layering it over our Target Halloween trinkets....

We had about 15 minutes of yummy excavating fun.  

Rock Creek Farms: 

We also have probably the coolest pumpkin patch ever!  $6 U-Pick'em Pumpkins, inflatables, petting zoo animals, hay bale maze, corn maze, and hay-rides.  Another awesome family night out!

Bat and Ghost Obstacle Course: 

Auntie Nicole and Cousin Shelby spent quite a while setting up this awesome obstacle course.  

Evin demolished it in 3 minutes.  

Happy Halloween MONTH!

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