Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Month: Week 3

Mudflap is testing out the pieces of Evin's Halloween costume which I still have LOTS of work to do on.  

Lookout Mountain Nature Center: 

We had a great day learning all about seeds!

We learned how seeds can move through the air, on animals, or even on US!

We matched seeds to the plants they belong to....

Played in garden sensory tubs....

Planted our own seeds on a wet paper towel.  These are now hanging in our window and we're waiting for them to sprout.  

Then we took felt bunnies outside and hopped through the forest collecting seeds!

Red Wings Game: 

Karl is from Detroit so obviously a huge Red Wings fan.  

Thanks to the help of my mom and sister-in-law I was lucky enough to be able to get us some GREAT seats at the Red Wings v. Avs game.  

Evin and I had a great time at our first ever Wings game and they WON!  Happy 5 year anniversary and birthday to Karl!

Superhero dad: 

Because I tend to do some awesome scheduling oopsies on a regular basis.  Nicole and Karl ended up taking our Strider bike obstacle course to a birthday party for a friend.  That night Evin told me a story about how his dad was a super hero.  His superhero friends and him went to a superhero school very far away and sometimes they came over to the house but had to leave really fast to shoot bad guys with squirt guns.  His superhero dad had rockets that he uses to shoot through outer space.  It was a pretty awesome story! 

Foot ghostes: 

A little white paint, some orange and black construction paper, and a very brave aunt results in some pretty fun footprint ghost art.  

  Mummy Hot Dog Lunch: 

Hot dogs plus crescent rolls cut in to strips and a couple peppercorns for eyes and we had a yummy mummy snack!

Which in true fashion I overcooked and they were a little toastier than planned.  OH well!  Still yummy mummies!


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