Thursday, July 10, 2014

Baby Sprinkle Hostess Gifts

Baby Sprinkle and Hostess gifts! 

The girls from work put some amazing effort in to an amazing shower!
They decided since it is my second baby it should just be a "sprinkle."
Though I think they do a theme like I do and it turned in to more of a shower for sure!   

There was a station where you could take pictures of Karl and I build a picture of what the baby will look like!

A onesie decorating station.  

Guess the belly size

Diaper notes

60 seconds to make a playdough baby.  

The yummiest sprinkled food ever and an ice cream bar!

Three of the best ladies a girl could ask for!

I wanted to return the favor and stay on theme so I went to town on making a gift basket for each of them.  I couldn't find candles or soap with sprinkles in them so I made them myself.  

I put some tea lights in a pan and heated them up, then poured in sprinkles.  The sprinkles sunk at first but as the candles cooled I kept adding more!

I found some great loofah packs.  

Then made some soap out of a kit I found at hobby lobby and added sprinkles to that too.  

My sister made me a fun little card that said, "Hope your next shower is as good as mine was!"
Some fun shampoo, shower gel, and lotion and voila!

Alright baby....any day now is fine with me!

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