Monday, July 7, 2014

Superhero Bike Party

Superhero Bike Party!!!

A few weeks ago we started the cotton ball jar system at our house.  The idea being anytime Evin does something good he gets a cotton ball in his jar and when the cotton ball jar is full he gets to do something fun of his choosing..... 

He chose a superhero bike party.  I figured that was pretty big, but not a bad idea so it might make the whole cotton ball jar thing sink in.  So we went for it!  

We made these great felt masks with hot glue.  

And capes from shirts we found at the goodwill!
Each shirt made two capes!
Here's how!

Step 1) Lay your shirt out flat.  

Step 2) cut from the collar of the shirt down the side and out the bottom removing the sleeves.  

Step 3) repeat on the other side and then flip your cape towards you and it will look like this!

Step 4) cut around the collar

Step 5) flip your shirt over and repeat 

Step 6) cut a "collar" out of the other side as well.  

I don't allow Evin to wear this unsupervised because I didn't secure the neck piece with velcro and I don't want it to become a chocking hazard.  

Evin and his dad built a great ramp for the day.  

Finally the day was here!  

Our snacks including Hulk colored rice crispies, a Captain America fruit platter, marshmallow stars, POPcorn, Iron Man colored cat muddy buddies, corn dogs, Batman shaped pb&j, and Captain America crunch cereal! 

Then it was time for the party! 

We made our hoops and loops out of drip irrigation tubing and dowel rods.  Weave poles were made of dowel rods and pool noodles!

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