Saturday, August 13, 2016

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014.....published in August of 2016!  Two kids is taking a toll on me but it was too cool not to share.   

First of all we have an amazing village helping us raise our kids.  Shelby our cousin lives in our guest room, Nicole (my sister) and her boyfriend Cody are always near by.  

My mom is willing to drop and drive from Kansas whenever she wants and Halloween is one of those times!

 I made the mistake of asking Evin what he wanted to be for Halloween again...."I want to be an escavador, and I want my arm to be da bucket and race car can be the dump truck and I can scoop up my candiie in my bucket arm and doo doo doo doo and then dump it in to Race Car's dump twuck bed and tada!" 

How in the F*&% was I supposed to make that happen????

Here's how we did it!  

We used cardboard and free handed the shapes of the excavator body.  Then used a lot of tape to put it all together.  We did the same with the dump truck but then used a wagon as the body of the truck.  

We put a piece of rolled up cardboard inside the arm of the bucket for him to grab and hold on to. 

Then auntie Nicole became a paper mache and painting fool!  It also helps that she's a graphic artist so she whipped up some quick logos. 

We found some battery operated Christmas lights so that our dump truck was safe to drive in the dark. 

After a test run to a local trick or treat night,we had to make some adjustments on the angle of the bucket.   

Then we were ready for the real show!


Our neighborhood is awesome.  This house left glow sticks for Happy Trick or Treating? 

With a dump truck full of candy and kids we call it a success. 

Monster cookies are delicious! And a great snack for our village before trick or treating!  

Our annual pumpkin patch trip was a ton of fun and we got some great photos!

Halloween Jamberry's are a must and so are some fun decorations!

Hope your Halloween was as fun as ours!

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