Saturday, December 3, 2016

Evin is 4!

Catching up on blog posts means that I'm just now getting around to posting Evin's 4th birthday…PS he's almost 6.  But that's real life.  

We started the day out with some birthday pancakes.  Delish!  

Evin's favorite thing right now is Fire, Planes, and Rescue!  

We spent some sunny January days prepping for the party.  

We're lucky to have Wing Over the Rockies an awesome air and space museum which seemed like the perfect setting for our party.  

But of course we took care of the decorations.  

We had crafts like building an airplane, pin the tail on the dusty and more fun! 

My bestie took care of the cupcakes and cake!  

The sister made awesome truffles and then it was party time! 

Part of your party includes getting to ride pedal planes all over the museum!  

Evin wasn't a big fan of listening to us sing to him.  

But he was stoked to blow out his candles!  

And tuckered out!

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