Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Woodland baby shower

What's in the cart?  All the making of a woodland baby shower!  

S'more bar, animal cracker goodie bags, and hot chocolate in baby bottles.  

Rustic woodland center pieces.  

Write a message for baby Miles and string it on the vine.  

Decorate baby blocks and story rocks.  

Draw something on the rock and baby Miles and mom can use it to prompt their story!  

Fun quiz game.  Name the baby animal? 

Who did it game? 

We asked all guests to bring part of a survival kit, hospital, nursing, car, and more! 

Unfortunately we saw one of the worst snow storms blow in while we were setting up and only one guest could make it to the party!  We were snowed in so we did the party virtually.  

People sent us their block designs and well wishes and we completed the activities for them!

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