Saturday, February 11, 2017

Valentine's box challenge ACCEPTED!

If you've every read any of our Halloween costume blog posts you know Evin's creativity can be quite a challenge to bring to life.  

There was the excavator costume that dumped candy from a bucket in to a dump truck and the Indominus Rex costume with a working jaw.  We made those happen!  

Well it was time to create our first Valentine's Mailbox for class.  Evin and Briggs were brainstorming on the car ride. 

"What about a dinosaur?" 

" RAAAAWR!!!!!"

"Or maybe I'd like it to be pikachu!" 

"CHU KA!!!" 

Then dad chimes in, "What about a pikachu dinosaur." 

In unison, "YESSSS!!!!!" 

Well I'm not going to let what sound crazy scare me.  I'm just going to figure it out.  So Evin and I started molding some soda and snack boxes in to what looks like a dinosaur.  Evin chimed in that I needed cones for pikachu's ears and big teeth and he even designed the tail.  

Dad took to the base coat of yellow and had to head to Home Depot twice thanks to a faulty spray can.  

Then Evin did the final details and ta-da Pikachuasaurus or CHU RAAWWWR!  

So don't be scared just start doing it!

We also found these free printables too! Get the card here and the candy wrappers here! 

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