Thursday, February 16, 2017

Evin is 5!

Planning began for Evin's birthday last year.  In years past all my help is just standing around waiting for me to tell them what to do.  NOT this year!  Here's the planning corner with to-do list by time, complete with photos of my inspirations, and a map of the party! 

These terrariums were fun and easy!  Jars off our local neighborhood facebook page, some succulents we already had, moss and mini dinosaurs. 

I have never mastered cake icing so Cody assisted.  This cake had a special surprise inside!  Scroll down to see!

Cookie dough mud and dinosuar bones.  The Indominus Rex head made a reappearance for decor!

Some adults only Jungle juice! 

The dino den in Evin's room. 

Lego Dinosaur building area!

Digging for Dino skeletons! 

We're ready bring on the party!
Little brother is ready to party!

Orange slime made for a fun dino DNA area!

Dino doodling with stencils and stamps we got for Christmas! 

Add kids!