Monday, February 13, 2017

Evin's 6 Nerf Party!

Evin's been dreaming about a Nerf party since last February.  Well here it is!  

His dad brought home some giant pieces of cardboard from work. 

We amassed a Nerf collection.  

Pro tip: if you do this, go easy on the guns.  Everyone will bring their own and every gift will be another Nerf gun!

Eye protection is a must so the other parents think you're responsible.  

Orange food is EASY!  

A handy husband means some great Nerf targets. 

A graphic designer sister means your kid gets his own nerf logo.

Balloons and streamers add flair....a tall father-in-law is incredibly helpful for streamer installations.  

Add kids and some wild adults and you've got a party! 

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