Sunday, February 3, 2013

Arctic Week

This week lasted a week and a half!  Karl, Nicole, and I have been exhausted lately so it was a weak week......

Inspiration came in the form of a kiwi crate....if you don't know what these are you are missing out!  

Each month we get a Kiwi Crate in the mail full of themed activities, this month's was an antarctic adventure!

First up was penguin bowling, we decorated our penguins and put them together....still don't quite know where eyes go or that hats go on your head.  On second thought maybe we just don't know how to identify a penguin's head....

Then it was bowling time!  Karl was much better at this than I was.  I was running back and forth between setting up pins and helping him with the ball.  Karl had a much better idea of being the pin cleaner upper......

He got very good at celebrating his "wins" and then he even started calling out the pins that were next....."Marley're going down!"

Tuesday: I had been working on this one for awhile.  I used one of his sensory tubs and made an ice flow with a little pool.  We picked up another toob from Hobby Lobby the "arctic toob" and had a great time. 

Then we tested out another type of snow.  This was a few cups of cornstarch and a TB or two of vegetable was just as messy as it sounded. 

It was arctic week on the floor and in my hand. 

Wednesday was bathtime snow fun.  We painted with shaving cream and it was HILARIOUS!

Thursday: We went to toddle storytime for the firs time and he was enthralled!  He'd always seemed a little distant at babytime and now I think it was because he was bored!

Then we made some ice cream.  We found some great recipes over at Kevin and Amanda. 

It was pretty yummy!

Friday: We worked on more activities from our kiwi crate.  We used watercolors (that came in the crate) to paint the aurora borealis.  Mostly we were learning the pattern of water, paint, paper.  It made perfectionist graphic artist auntie Nicole...CRAZY!

We also made a snowman in a bag with foam eyes, carrot nose, and mouth.  We added some conditioner (maybe a little too much) and had some squishy fun!

Saturday: We tried a new snow recipe with cornstarch and shaving cream 2:1 recipe and erputing snow recipe which was just baking soda and we added vinegar.  We found both over at Growing a Jeweled Rose who was also having a snow/arctic/winter week. 

He had a great time making bubbles!

He LOVED the erupting snow and the way it felt!

My floor loved it too!

Sunday: We tried the last snow play idea of canned whipped cream....

Evin thought it was pretty yummy. 

Sunday: It was 60 degrees in Denver during "arctic week" so we headed to the park to enjoy the sun in the convertible. 

There was a brilliant dad at the park, who blew bubbles for the boys to chase for hours.....he was worn out!

Monday:  As always if you know your meteorology cold fronts push warm air in front of them so it was that warm air the should have tipped us off to the snow that was on the way.  Evin was excited!

So was I because arctic week finally had some snow!  We played outside painting the snow and having a grand old time cleaning off the cars. 

Tuesday:  Cousin Wade and his friend were in town visiting so we headed to Ruby Hill Railyard and watched the guys do some snowboarding and Evin did some didn't last long because it was so cold. 

The rest of the week was spent obsessing over the loan which at this point seems to be moving forward again, all thanks to me making lots of phone calls to managers, filing a complaint with BBB, and what seemed to have the bank most nervous was Nicole complaining on twitter.  They're offering us a non-saleable loan serviced by them that actually beats the terms of our previous loan. 

Friday we headed to Kansas to celebrate Evin turning two!  It was an AWESOME party.  TONS of fun and you can expect pictures soon!

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