Friday, February 22, 2013

Evin's Monster Bash

Evin turned 2!!!!  We decided that since we missed Christmas with my Kansas family we would head back in that direction for the bash.  We were also in the middle of moving so we let my mom, a.k.a. "Gram Cracker" do most of the planning.  Nicole designed the invitations and the shirts!  Check her out, she does it all!  NLS Graphics

Gram Cracker and Aunt Sheryl had already finished the pin the eye on the monster game.  

Nicole worked on creating the monster for the photo booth!

I made the slime! (click on the link for the recipe!)

With some monster sticky decals and the extra slime as a centerpiece our tables were done!

These were 2 year olds so the party had to happen on the floor!

Fun sugar cookies and yummy popcorn!

These cake pops and cake from Cake Face were delicious!!!

Nicole sewed these great felt monsters and made mouths to decorate them with.  A few 100 googly eyes and the party was complete!

We even asked guests to bring "monster themed" gifts!  They got super creative!

The kids had a great time making their monsters and the adults had a great time playing with the slime centerpieces.  

Happy 2nd Birthday Evin!

The aftermath!

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