Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lily Pad Leap and Froggy Fly eating!


Today at storytime we met two White's Tree Frogs and a Pacman Frog since the sloth was living up to her sleepy nature! W also read "Froggy Gets Dressed" all about a frog who gets dressed to play in the snow!  Great timing after all the snow we've had, all of the kids had played in the snow recently and knew all about dressing for the snow!  

When we got home we came up with two pretty fun froggy games!  

First we ate some flies (chocolate chips) just like frogs do!  With our tongues of course!  It took a few times but Evin got the hang of it and only snuck a few with his fingers!  Apparently it's pretty fun to eat with your tongue!

Then I cut some lily pads and flowers out of some foam I had in his craft supplies and we "lily pad leap"!  Tons of fun and great exercise too!




This is the only picture that I could get where you could tell he was having a good time!  

Check out the blog next week, when "pirate week" ends and we post all our fun!


  1. That fly eating thing had me going for a minute!! So glad you told us there were choc. chips!!!

  2. chocolate sprinkles would have worked better!