Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Build a mantle like a GIRL!

When my dad was visiting, we picked out the wood we would need to build a mantle.  

We chose oak:

2- 8" wide 8 ft long pieces
1- 6" wide 8 ft long piece
1- 2X4 12 ft long piece of regular pretreated lumber

I measured the fireplace, decided how long I wanted the mantle to be and started cutting.  Our fireplace is 75" wide I wanted the longest part of the mantle to set in 5" so I cut one piece at 65" and the other two at 63".  I cut the 2X4 to 61 inches.  

Then I measured the space between my 2X4 and the front piece of the mantle and cut some extensions so I would have something to nail to.  

Then I clamped it all together and laid it out so I could see what it was going to look like.  

I decided to leave the front piece a little long to give it some character.  

I took all the pieces apart and screwed my extensions in to the 2X4.  

Dad also bought me a Tapcon drill bit and some Tapcon concrete anchors to go along with it.  We don't have a finish nailer so I bought an assortment pack of finish nails and prepared to hand nail!

Then I called for help!  "NICOLE!!!!!"

I pre-drilled some holes in the 2X4 so that I could see through and make sure that I was drilling into the middle of the brick.  Then she helped me hold the 2X4 in place while we drilled our holes with the Tapcon bit.  

Well after we figured out that you needed a battery.....

Just kidding we're not those kind of girls....

After the 2X4 with extensions was mounted with the Tapcon concrete anchors it was time to nail on my oak pieces.  

I pre-drilled holes in to the mantle where I was going to sink my nails but it didn't make it much easier.  I suck at nailing.  I had to pry a few out and start over but eventually I got the hang of it and got my front and top on.  

Always leave your mark!

Ox, is always my best helper even if he does blend in with the chair.  


I chose a Red oak stain that we just happened to have in the garage and the whole project was done in 6 hours.  

That's how you build a mantle like a girl!


  1. Great job! I am a horrible nailer, too. I finally gave up halfway through all the bathroom trim and went and bought a cordless Ryobi finish nail/staple gun. Helped a lot!

    1. Aw man......wish I would have done that!

  2. I like wood. The information good for me. I like décor my home by wood. I have problem with cutting board 45 and 90 degree. Do you sharing tips? I want to décor crib for my daughter next week

  3. Thank for your sharing. I read information very late, your article is closed but congrats to our winner. I bought Dewalt miter saw. It very good, I think I create anything that join contest

  4. Hi,
    I and my husband hope to do the same next summer.I think you had the best drill.