Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Serval Storytime! Stripes and Spots!

Well what I should be working on is writing kids books about the animals that we have at the aquarium. 

We've had a real struggle finding our really unique animals in books appropriate for 0-4 year olds.  

Our serval is one of the hardest!  She is an awesome animal and literally the best behaved serval on the face of the planet but no one wants to write about her.  

We "read" Pinduli today, and while it's an awesome book, conceptually it's a little out of our age league and it's pretty long.  So I pretty much just made up a story.  Price you pay for meeting a look animal like Neema!

When I got home we looked at all the pictures of Neema I had on the computer and then we talked about what she likes to eat: birds, small mammals, and fish!  Then we talked about her colors and the shapes she has on her fur.  STRIPES AND SPOTS!  

When bath time came around we took a stripes and spots bath.  Foam floats and when it's wet it sticks to the wall so I just cut shapes out of the foam and threw them in the bath! 

Evin had a great time sticking them on the sides and identifying the different shapes!  


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