Monday, April 1, 2013

Ocean Week

Ocean Week (X2)

This busy family is having to spread out our weeks!  Not to mention, Evin is still in full blown pirate week mode with nightly sword fights, treasure maps, sea monsters attacks, and last night he rocked his cardboard ship to make me sea sick.....

However, Ocean week was still awesome!  Especially since it included visitors from the San Diego Oceanside!

Alysha and Travis arrived from San Diego with real sand from the beach!  They also brought some other fun ocean themed toys too!

Found a great recipe for sand play dough and it was awesome.  

4 cups play sand
3 cup flour
1 1/4 cup water
1/4 cup oil
Mix all ingredients together and knead until dough forms. Add more water if it’s too dry, add more sand or flour if it’s too wetThis recipe makes up a large batch of play dough. It could be cut in half  for one child.

It took a lot of kneading but we got it to the right consistency.....maybe because we were using really beach sand?  

Toni also sent us some great shells to use for the week too!

Karl and Evin made them shark craft.....Evin glued the eyes on and then took them right off.  

Nicole and Evin made a very fun sensory ocean bottle with blue water, oil and sand.  

They used some of my leftover scrapbook stickers to decorate the bottle!

Evin had a great time shaking it up and watching it settle out!

I wanted to make sand fossils.....however Evin was more interested in just playing in the sand.  

This is one of the coolest bath toys we have, awesome paddle boat, with about 30 toys inside!

We also went to the Garden of the Gods, Manatou Springs, and of course the Aquarium!  A little mini staycation in the mix too!

Zuri the porcupine.  

Neema the serval. 

Had a great time in the bath with our shark toy too!

All tuckered out with his new sea lion and manatee.  

We made a trip to our local community pool.....a VERY cool place so we could play in some water for ocean week!

One of Evin's newest favorite snacks is his jello aquarium snacks!

I poured some blue jello in to mason jars and let it set.  

After they were all set up we put the jello in a bowl of hot water and some jelly beans in the bottom of a separate jar.  

Then we dumped the jello in to the jelly bean jar and stuck some swedish fish down inside.  

It turned in to more of a jello excavation project.......

Our other snack time was a ton of YUM!  These little fish have sliced carrots for tail fins, strawberries for a mouth, blueberry and yogurt dipped pretzel eyes, orange slice bodies, and spout blueberry bubbles!  I made them one morning before work and then again we had a bigger school of orange fish!

Say YUM!

We also made a very fun ocean themed scene. 

We're having a great time listening to Evin identify his ocean animals.  The best is the octopus which he pronounces "ocpeez!" 

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