Friday, April 26, 2013

Hilarious things Evin says Edition #1

1) Refers to Butterflies as "Flybeez", Zebras as "Zabeez", Mudflap as "Flappy", Graham crackers as "cookie crackers", Octopus as "Ocpeez".

2) When no one is home and I have to take the dogs out to potty Evin has to come with me and usually likes to hold on to the leash and encourage the dogs to poop and potty.  When Ox poops, Evin says, "Urhh, urhh, big poop, urhh urhh, baby poop," depending on the size of the poop.

3) Touches the bump on Ox's head and says, "hat."

4) One morning while feeding the dogs I left the door to the garage open while I scooped up the food, when I went to close it Evin yells, "Guish?  Guish?  Guish?!" I didn't know what he was saying, but he ran to the door of the garage and yelled again, "Guish?" Squish came running out of the garage!

5) When playing on the floor he likes to "close, close" us in.  So I either need to suck in my knees if laying on my side so that I make a circle around him or he surrounds us with all his favorite things so that we are "closed" in.

6) Knows when we're getting close to home and says, "my house".  He also points to downstairs and says, "Auntie's house."

7) He knows the difference between "my apps" (his kindle), "mommy's apps" (my phone), and "aunties apps" (nicole's iPad).  Sometimes he prefers different apps.

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