Saturday, August 13, 2016

Astronomers please stand up!

Could the astronomers of the world please stand up?  

I need your help!  As a mom of two boys and a wife I am expected to orbit three different planets simultaneously.  I've been checking in with the moons and planets in our solar system and NONE of them have some a big job.  

How am I supposed to make each of the men in my life feel like they are the center of my universe? 

The overwhelming difficulty and responsibility of my reality hit me on a normal Thursday night.  The boys and I had been at our local insect zoo catching up with my village (group of women who help me raise my kids).  We'd left dad at home to relax and have dad time.  Evin had drained my battery catching all the pokemon the world had to offer and man was he on fire.  He would run up to me everytime he caught a new one and expect the world's biggest happy dance.  Briggs spent the evening showing me really cool bugs, taking his socks and shoes on and off, getting mad about sharing his stroller, wanting to spend every bit of pocket change I had in the money twirly gig, wanting attention for his amazing slide skills, and a myriad of other two year old things.  I still managed to carry on a semi-coherent conversation with my village and had a couple cocktails (thank god for Hoppy Hour).  

I had just plugged my phone in, peed, and was sitting down to make sure the overnight monitor system was set for work, answer text messages and emails that I missed, and breathe.  

Then they found me....all of them.  

Briggs was climbing all over me and up my leg wanting my phone or attention or who knows what else a 2 year old needs.  Evin had to show me the awesome game he was playing and had literally inserted his I Pad only 2 inches from my eyes so I could see nothing else.  Karl announced that he was going to bed.  I didn't respond to Karl in time, I didn't pick up Briggs in time, and I didn't think the awesome game was awesome enough.  Karl stormed off, Evin sulked away, and Briggs melted down at my feet.  

I wanted to run in to the bedroom and cry.  I wanted to quit.  I even said... out loud...unfortunately, "I want to leave, I don't want to do this anymore." I didn't mean it of course, but I know you've had those days too where you just want to walk off the job.  It just seems impossible.  

Mind you, I don't have an answer for how I'm supposed to orbit three planets at once.  At best I'm "skating the 8" most of the time.  That's restaurant lingo for walking the floor, trying to keep an eye on everything that's going on.  Most days however I feel like I'm really good at one thing and really bad at another.  I've been spending the last year trying to make sure that I orbit Karl's planet a little more than anyone else.  Our relationship is the foundation for our family so it makes sense that his planet should be the most important, but it's also the hardest one.  

Being a good wife is like navigating an asteroid belt larger than the milky way most days.  Sometimes I'm dodging and weaving like the Millennium Falcon, other days I'm feeling a little more like Earth at the end of the Cretaceous period.  
Here's my focus at the moment....
Be excited to see him.  
Make his lunch. 
Ask for help. 
Say thank you. 
Cut him some slack.  
Make time for him.  

I know I have Evin convinced he's the center of my universe.  He said to me the other night, "Mom, our love is so amazing, it's LOVETASTICAL!"  

Here's hoping you can create something lovetastical with men in your life, and don't forget to orbit your own planet every now and then too.  You're no good to anyone if you're facing a mom extinction.  

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