Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summer Vacations

Three awesome summer vacations!  

#1: Alysha and Travis get married in San Diego!  We hit the beach and Legoland while we were there!

Dunkin donuts was giving away free donuts to pirates! 

#2 Our annual trip to Marble, CO....I wasn't going to take the 6 week old on the ATV trip....then I decided, "why not?"  He did great and I learned how to nurse while Cody traversed mountain terrain.  #extremeparenting

Crystal City and Crystal Mill are two of the coolest places on this trip.  Dollie the pit bull puppy also made the trip.  


If you haven't been geocaching you must try it at least once.  Here's a cache we found at Hays Creek Falls.  

Grandpa Dave snuck in a visit to meet the newest addition and of course we took him to Scrumptious!

Then is was time for trip #3 KANSAS

Evin learned how to drive the combine and Briggs got lots of snuggles and love.  

We stopped at the Sternberg museum in Hays....Evin wasn't impressed by the life sized moving noise making Tyrannosaurus Rex.  

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