Saturday, August 27, 2016

Home Improvement

Hey I'm on maternity leave, let's remodel the kitchen!!!  We'll have plenty of time.  

Seriously though, it's amazing to see Evin learning how to use a tape measure, build and watch everything come together.  

Briggs and I learned how to plumb a sink and disposal by watching you tube videos! 

In addition to the kitchen we also built our wildflower planter and spiral fire pit.  

We spruced up the mailbox area.  

And then decided to build a deck.  

Mission accomplished!

Why not add a fountain to the new area?  

Thor stopped by to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  

We weren't the only ones making improvements!  Our neighborhood park was getting a makeover too!  

Temporary corner kitchen until new cabinets when in.  

Nothing gets finished until Optimus grants his blessing!  Go forth and DIY!  

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