Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Strider Bike Party

I'm a little behind on my posts but this was one of the most fun activities yet! 

We started assembling our obstacle course while Evin was napping the day of the party.  We used 1/2 in dowels and 3/4 in poly flex irrigation tubing to build our bike wash.  Then taped blue crepe paper to the arches.  

For our weave poles we used 3/4 in dowels and pool noodles!  

Then there was the hoop of fire.... we used a 3/4" male to male fitting and the 3/4" poly flex tubing.  Then we used colored electrical tape and taped around the hoop and taped the hoop to 1/2" dowels.  

Some side walk chalk to map out the beginning of the course.  

Karl built this awesome ramp!

When we hit the snacks!  These are delicious!

1) Make rice crispies according to directions
2) roll out of sheet
3)melt chocolate and spread over rice crispies
4) spread peanut butter over that
5) roll up and throw in the freezer
6) cut in to delicious wheel snacks

Pinwheel pasta with italian dressing

Banana wrapped in peanut butter and jelly cover tortillas

Then make you jello in hollowed out oranges, let set then slice!

Bring on the striders!

Strider or balance bikes are awesome bikes with NO pedals!  Thanks to Evin's aunt Lisa and a trip to the park at Thanksgiving in San Jose we found out about these awesome things and Evin got one for Christmas!  

The idea is they learn how to balance before they have to pedal. 

Evin will already pick his feet up and coast down the ramp and sometimes through the house!  


  1. Heather L. ManfreMay 8, 2013 at 8:21 PM

    You're missing the peanut butter cookie dough pretzel dip thing....omg.

  2. Check it out Heather!
    We also made this at our party! May have been the adult favorite!