Thursday, May 9, 2013

Backyard Noisemaker

A failed on taking pictures as I assembled this one so if you want to know how you'll have to read a lot of text....


I headed out to lowe's and went in search of the cheapest 3" PVC I could find.  

This is Charlotte pipe

I bought:

1 10ft 3in pipe
3 3" 90 degree elbows
2  3" 2 way (both shaped a little different)
5 3" 45 degree elbows

I came up with a fun way to put them together and then sprayed with a Valspar plastic primer and outdoor Valspar spray paint. 

I decided that I didn't want to glue them together in case I decided to change it up at some point so instead I attached the contraption to a 4X4 cedar post with a screw at the top and a screw at the bottom.  

Mostly this is all about your creativity!  Put them together however works best for you!  

Then drop pebbles, water, sand, dirt, sticks, and whatever other fun objects you can find down the tubes and see what they sound like!

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