Saturday, May 11, 2013

Out of this World Bathtime

This evening we were having a hard time convincing Evin that he should come up stairs and take a we asked him if he wanted to take a glowing bath in space!  SCORE!  He ran up the stairs woohooing and pumping his arms all the way!

green highlighter broken open and soaking in water

This is a pretty easy bath, you need three things: 

1) glow stars
2) highlighters (I used office depot generics) broke them open with pliers and pulled the "wick" out
3) black light

We added some glow stars from Hobby Lobby.  

I downloaded a new app "Night Cap" AWESOME!  I can finally take pictures of our glowing activities!  

Nicole drew this awesome alien!

Here's is the highlighter soaking in the water!

Quite the mess, washes off with soap and water and these markers are non-toxic!

Nicole's quite the artist this is Saturn and a Nebula.....she actually is a graphic artist and pretty good too.... 

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