Friday, May 10, 2013

Shuttles, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and Star Sandwich Constellations!

seven thirty three
Click the link above to check out some super crafty, awesome, super mom's and all they do for their kiddos!  

So family is starting to keep track of our theme weeks and ask what's coming up.  My mom was paying attention and found this awesome space shuttle that she bought for Evin.  

His aunt set it all up with her snowboard boots and a paper macho astronaut helmet she made for the reveal!  

This is what Evin had to say about it: 

"WOW!"   "Tada"   "YAY Space"

The next morning we headed to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to watch a show in the planetarium and also to visit their Space Odyssey exhibit.  

We learned about craters...

Built meteors and sent them to earth.....

Watched the phases of the moon.....

Played with moon rocks...

on the moon....

threw a big fit.....

saw a real astronaut....well sort of.....

and got bossed around by a girl.  

Then we headed home for lunch!

I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

Cut out some stars and drew some constellations on paper.  

Awesome Day!

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