Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Invasion of the ICE ALIENS

Space week (three weeks) is slowly wrapping up....we only have a few more activities to share!  

This one was a ton of fun!

I found these great ice cube trays at the dollar store and pulled out some fun alien parts from our craft boxes.  

Our first round of fun was first thing this morning (before we headed to the pool).  

We added ice and antenna and parts to our ice trays.  

Then threw in the freezer and headed to the pool.  

After the pool, a few errands, and a failed attempt at a nap we headed outside!

Evin lined all his aliens up. 

Sorted them by colors. 

Counted their eyes. 

Watched them melt away.  

Nicole explained that our planet was just too hot for these aliens and that maybe they'd be better off on Pluto!

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