Saturday, May 18, 2013

Shredded Potato Casserole

The midwest left its mark on me.....I love casseroles, I love to make them, I love to eat them, I love that they don't need "sides" everything is all in one place.  

This one takes one bag of shredded potatoes (30oz), 5 TB of butter, and salt and pepper for the first layer.  

Next layer is 1 lb. of ground beef, browned.

Then a can of mushroom soup and 8oz. sour cream mixed together and spread on top of the beef. 

Next sprinkle some cheddar cheese.  

Then melt the rest of the stick of butter (3TB) in bowl.  

Coat corn flakes with butter and then spread on top of the casserole.  

Cover with foil and cook for 40 min. at 375!  


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