Monday, June 3, 2013

Fun in our own backyard!

Nature Picture Hunt

Auntie Nicole made a great nature scavenger hunt.  She took pictures in the backyard during one of Evin's naps and printed them out.  

Then she took him and the cards outside to find all the goodies!  He had a blast!

He even found a roly poly!

Water Table

The other awesome thing he got this week is a new water table!  We bought these dollar plastic bins at the grocery story and his dad built the table from leftover wood.  This should bring us a summer of fun!  I'm sure you'll see it with mud, sand, goo, and more!  It'll be a great spot for temporary sensory bins and we saved the lids for the boxes too!!!

Praying Mantis Kit

Some of you may remember that Evin's great uncle and grandpa hooked him up with butterfly and praying mantis sets and our praying mantis eggs arrived!

Along with the wingless fruit flies that the nymphs need to eat.  

We set up the habitat with sticks and leaves.  

Then we carefully set the egg case on the sticks.  

Now we wait 3-6 weeks for our "nymphs" to hatch!

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