Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mud Playdough

Nature week continues at our house with Mud Playdough!  Playdough with REAL dirt!

1 cup flour
1.5 cups dirt
3/4 cups water
1/8 cup oil

Mix flour and dirt first, then add water and oil.  Stir and then start kneading.  

If it's a little too sticky add more dirt and flour.  

If it's a little too dry or crumbly add more water, depending on if your dirt is dry or wet you may need to make sure adjustments.  

We then added in some pinecones from Evin and Nicole's hike today.  

As with any mud you need a shovel!

Sticks were fun!

Then leaves and flowers and seed pods!

Tada!  Mud Playdough!

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