Monday, June 3, 2013

Worry about yourself!

I share a lot of ways you can be a more engaged and I think in turn a better parent but I don't talk much about my job. 

I am an animal trainer. 

I work in a very fast paced, emotional, and dirty environment. 

The field is extremely female dominated and competitive. 

There is insane mix of introverted extroverted, attention hungry wallflowers who do not always play well with others. 

The field does not understand politically correct, paid holidays, fair compensation, or 9-5. 

As a result drama can abound......So and so called in sick and then posted on Facebook that she was at a and so didn't finish her project on and so department doesn't do as much as we and so takes more smoke breaks than I do. 

I'm guilty. I've said, thought, or cheered on many of the above statements but really August says it best in this video...."you worry bout yoself!" 

It's why all ecosystems work flawlessly. 

Monkeys aren't worried if the parrots are pulling their weight. They're just being the best monkeys they can be. They're worrying about themselves. 

The armadillos aren't worried that the sloth sleeps too much. They're just being the best armadillos they can be. They're worrying about themselves. 

So try it out. Be the best sloth you can be. Be the best monkey you can be. Learn from the birds that do it worse. Learn from the armadillos that do it better. 

You'll find it's very time consuming to "worry 'bout yoself" and you won't have nearly as much time to worry about everyone else. You'll also be better at your job and even better at life! 

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