Thursday, June 20, 2013

Serval Spots and Rainsticks

Our story this week was all about African Animals and we met Neema the serval at the end of the story.  What better craft to make than a rainstick!  Rain sticks are used by people native to the Savannah where Neema is from to summon the rain and man could we use some of that!  

I gathered my supplies: 
two toilet paper tubes
masking tape
piece of cardboard box

I poked some holes in the tubes and then let Evin stick the nails and toothpicks in....this took A LOT of concentration.  

We covered the nails and cut off the toothpicks that were sticking out and then covered them with tape. You could use stickers if you had them!

Then I cut out circles and taped them to one end of each of the toilet paper tubes.  

Then Evin added the rice and broken up noodles in to both of the tubes.  

I then taped the tube together.  

Evin decorated it!  Voila!  He shakes it and says....RAIN!

Here's an old serval activity that I have shared before!

When bath time came around we took a stripes and spots bath.  Foam floats and when it's wet it sticks to the wall so I just cut shapes out of the foam and threw them in the bath! 

Evin had a great time sticking them on the sides and identifying the different shapes!  



  1. You also need a binder with this info. Like an enrichment catalog.