Thursday, June 13, 2013

Smore Pancakes!

YUM and easy!  

We love pancakes and it's sort of Evin and I's Mommy's day off tradition.  

Especially since my mom sent out the Presto pancake griddle I grew up with.  My dad was always the pancake flipper in our house and he loved to make Mystery Ingredient Pancakes where we would have to guess what he put in the pancakes that day.  

I can remember some good ones like peanut butter jelly pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes and then I can remember some not so hot ones like tabasco pancakes...... Well I suppose he rubbed off because today I decided to create Smore Pancakes.  YUM!!!

Step 1: Gather "Ingredients" 

pancake mix any ole brand is fine
Hershey Chocolate Bar
Graham Crackers

Step 2: Mash up the Hershey Bar and some graham crackers.  I used four graham crackers and two cups of mix.  

Step 3: Mix your mix and add your smashed up chocolate and graham crackers.  I had to add about an 1/8 cup extra water to make up for the extra graham cracker dryness.  

Step 4: Cut up some jumbo marshmallows or you could use the small ones too and stir!

Step 5: Pour on the griddle and start flipping. 

Step 6: I tried this as well.  After my pancakes were cooked I put them in the microwave with a marshmallow on top and heated for 45 seconds and then smashed together as a sandwich.  It was good but they were just as good with all the ingredients inside too!

And Evin agreed!

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