Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nature Week Kick-off with Trails Day

 We kicked off Nature/Garden/remaining bug week by hitting the annual trails day at our local nature center.  We spend a lot of time here and it's just less than a mile's walk from our house.  

Trails Days festivities happen all over the country, look for an event near you next year!  

Our nature center put on a heck of an event.  There were alpacas, nature walks, bike tours, home depot was on hand to let us build a fire truck.  

There was FREE hot dogs (grilled by firemen) and FREE ice cream!  YUM!  

The Denver Zoo taught us about lots of animals including this cute little burrowing owl.  

Great views, funky face!

We had a snack of our favorite treat after a walk down to the lake.  

We even built with blocks inside the nature center.  

Overall a great event to kick off this theme!

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